The Story of life's snooze bar.


It All Started in Las Vegas

“Let’s write a song.”

Dave laughed as he reached for his phone and tossed it to Shane.  “I have some lyrics and hooks here, see what you like.”

The Shane Duncan Band was in Las Vegas on a radio tour promoting new artists for the American Country Music Awards.  A week’s worth of shows and talking with other musicians had gotten the creativity flowing.  They felt it was time to write their first song.  

Shane stopped and looked up.  “Life’s Snooze Bar?”

Dave took a long drink and grinned.  “It’s when you need a break from all of this,” he said, waving his hands.


"No, life.  This.  Just taking a break and focusing on what matters the most - friends, family, good times.”  He sat up.  “Scroll down a bit, I think I have another line there.”

Shane looked down and laughed.  “‘My bills are overdue, man, ain’t that cool.’  This is the song we’re writing.  Get some paper and your guitar.  Let’s go.”

Two hours later, the Life’s Snooze Bar song was written and recorded into Dave’s phone.  And there it sat… for a year.  The band never played it for anyone, never let anyone listen to it and never really thought about it.  About a year later, that changed.  Unbeknownst to the rest of the band, Dave had been playing the song from his phone for a couple of close friends.  The reactions were unanimous - the band had to start playing the song live.

“So we did,” Shane said.

Dave laughs again.  “A lot.”

From a hotel room at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, the Life’s Snooze Bar idea was born.  From songs to shirts to their own beer, the Life’s Snooze Bar brand is all about living the life that you want to live, surrounded by those you love.  

“We all need that.”